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Affordable Luxury - SS2015

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I am always looking for “affordable luxury” items. And by “affordable luxury”, I don’t mean discounted Gucci, Hermes, LV or Chanel, I mean products that “walk the walk and look the look”, without costing an eye, a leg, or none of your body parts for that matter.

This spring/summer 2015, I am well engaged in my 3rd year of searching for these types of products. And of course, as you must all know, the minute you start something new, everything is exciting and inspiring, you don’t really ask yourself why, how, for whom, when etc. You just do it: make it or break it, you just do your stuff. But after so long, several things started happening to me, as a buyer and entrepreneur.

First, “writers’ block”: faced with so many elements to take into consideration, I started asking myself: will it work? Will my customers buy this? Do I like this or do I just believe it will work? And to these questions of life or death, my answer would systematically be: er… dunno… Tough.

Second, the “wandering”: for a buyer, navigating in a world of uncertainty is probably the worst that can happen. That and actually taking bad decisions or not buying at all. A couple of years back, if anyone had told me that this would happen to me, I would certainly have laughed in complete disbelief.

But finally, the “rediscovery”: finally united back to my old self, I am glad I can truly speak of the resolution of my long wandering in the torments of commercial thinking.

That is how this SS2015 collection is born: you will see what I like, what I would like people to enjoy. For the greater part this collection comes from Korea. Seoul is an endless source of inspiration for new, creative, stylish stuff with a twist. What I find most interesting in that place is how it exactly fits my own tastes for a mix of very European understated elegance and wicked modernity. So what I always look for there is a very urban, funky style, that can easily appeal to all of us, girls and women living in cities. This time, I found a lot of trendy stuff like these new earrings that fall under or crawl up the ear, which I find interesting, not that I like “trendy” stuff per se, it’s just that really, we need freshness sometimes.

And to counter-balance that, there are also a lot of pearls. I have always enjoyed their eternal old-fashioned look but now, tangled in intricated modern shapes, they look a bit off, a bit odd, old and new, everything I like. New takes on shapes too: rings that don't close, rings that look like an eye has fallen on the tip of your finger.