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About Simon Sinek Ted Talk: It's not about the what and how, it's about the why

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Today, I just came across a Simon Sinek Ted Talk: "Start with the why". His theory is very simple and it is summarised in the little drawing below:

It got me thinking: what is my core/ purpose/ belief? Why does my organisation exist? Why do I get out of bed in the morning? Why should anyone care?

Does Tunique truly have a purpose? I looked back in time to look for an answer. I started the brand Tunique in 2008 because of what I would call a fashion void in Hong Kong. It was nothing revolutionary or new. Just the belief that I could bring my own personal sense of style to the Hong Kong scene at a time when there was nothing really affordable and nice (to my liking). So initially, Tunique was about dressing up, fashionably, comfortably and in a smart kind of way.


(sample of 2012 last Tunique collection)

In 2012, after having designed about 8 collections, and faced with increasing competition from new comers in Hong Kong (Zara, H&M), I got scared and I stopped. Then, by chance, I went to visit my friend who had recently moved to Seoul. That's how I discovered the fascinating world of accessories.


So, why accessories, why Tunique and jewellery? My purpose, my core, my belief, is that, I wake up every day wanting to be different. Not to make a difference -that will come I'm sure but I am not 100% ready yet- but to be/ look different. I strongly believe that the way you dress up tells a lot about your self and is an integral part of who you are. Even not caring about fashion tells a lot about you. Because you can't go around naked and because clothes don't grow on trees, everyone has to take fashion decisions at some point. Personally, I want to dress up in "intelligent" clothes. Meaning:

1. Clothes you pick have to suit your body shape because there is nothing less fashionable than an outfit that does not suit you: the example below is wrong in so many ways I don't even know where to start!


2. We live in a new society where fashion diktats are not as dictatorial as they used to. Especially in a mixed culture place like Hong Kong, there is such a degree of freedom here that fashion really comes more from inside than from outside. So my style is about practicalities first: clothes have to be wearable and fresh, without drawing too much attention. I am definitely not an early trend adopter. I have to be exposed to new ideas for some time and then find an expression that fits my "classical" aspirations. But I am really bored with wearing the same style all the time, that is why I always strive to find things that incorporate the new in the old. And I am lucky, because I recently found MY DESIGNER. The person who seems to have designed a clothing line especially for me! Thank you Chloe Stora!

3. But anyway, because clothing is so widely available nowadays, I wanted to focus on every thing that go around it: the accessories. Those totally superfluous, unessential items, that can make or break a style. I like their lightness, their superficiality, their versatility, and mostly I usually don't like spending a fortune for them. That is how Tunique (jewellery) was born.


4. So why I am doing this? Because I believe that we need to be superfluous and light with fashion and the only way to do that is by offering affordable products, that have style. I have always been a true admirer of Ikea. Ikea has brought to the majority the choice of furnishing our homes in style at very affordable prices. That is exactly what I want to do with accessories.