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French "Besace" X Craie Boutique


What is it with the French and their “besace”

– Messenger bag in English?



Did you know?

The besace is a long bag with an opening in the middle. It used to be worn by monks for its practicality: huge storage capacity and allows to use your hands as it has only 1 long strap that can be worn over the shoulder or across. So in the Middle Ages, this type of bag was used as a travel bag.

Besace in French culture today

The besace has a special place in the collective imagination of French fashionistas: it is the cool bag per excellence because it was mostly used by men in history – cf in the army – and is now mostly found in the wardrobes of bobos and students who love it for its slouchy, urban, bohemian, “intellectual” look.

Craie’s version of the besace is reminiscent of French kids’ schoolbag so it carries all the nostalgia of past childhood but adapted to the active life of contemporary women thanks to beautifully lightweight leathers available in all kinds of irresistible colors!

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