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My Story

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"I started Tunique because I believe luxury can be affordable and worn every day"

That of course means that luxury is more an attitude and a sense of style than a price tag and a brand! Tunique thrives to be a place where everyone can be free with their appearance - some days you want to look classic and elegant, some days you want to show off and feel sexy, sometimes you may even want to look silly as a proof of self-detachment. No matter how you feel, Tunique tries to give everyone a chance to be free without fear of judgment.

"I grew up in France in the 1980s-1990s, in a tiny provincial town immune to fashion and trends"

Growing up there, in a blue collar family environment, my sense of style was 100% dictated by my mom. As a result, my whole childhood and teenage years were an absolute fashion disaster! Everything was wrong, from the choice of clothes, hairdo, shoes... Inside the home too, the curtains, wallpapers, furniture, choices of deco objects were close to nightmarish I must admit! Looking back at my childhood pictures I do feel embarrassed and ashamed. But it makes me laugh too!

"During that time, I learnt a lot"

I learnt that fashion is not something static, and if you want fashion to bring joy and excitement you need to change and own your choices. Changing of course implies challenging yourself, taking risks, the risk of embarrassment and ridicule. But to me these risks have always been worth taking, because if you refuse to change because of fear of making mistakes, you just end up stuck.